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For immaculate households


The Gouvernante experience

Revel in joie de vivre

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Haute housekeeping

Proficient, meticulous, discreet, trés chic!

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The Gouvernante experience

Revel in joie de vivre

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We go the extra mile and do more than keep your home in immaculate order. Think of us as highly intuitive and specialised help who genuinely care for your physical, emotional and social well-being.

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Live more

We know you want less fuss in life. Let us free you from the mundaneness of household matters so you can always have more time for yourself.

Beyond silverware

Impeccable training aside, we equip our gouvernantes with the finest cleaning tools and environmentally efficient agents purchased specifically for the well-being of your household.

Crème de la crème

We help our people become the best with rigorous training, competitive salaries and long-term career progression plans that help them stay on top of their game.

Extra personal

Because we pride ourselves in being thorough, an exclusive range of personalised services are provided should you require them in the comfort of your home.

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At your service

Rest assured we have it all covered

The Gouvernante’s comprehensive suite of housekeeping services is thoughtfully detailed for the finest care possible. Our packages cover weekly housekeeping, spring-cleaning and after-renovations needs.

The premium

from S$110

The Gouvernante Premium Package includes a free Diffuser and Essential Oil.

1 Exterior only
2 Once a month


  • Table
  • Chair
  • Telephone
  • Table lamp
  • Counter Top
  • Open Shelf
  • Wall Stain
  • Fixture
  • Shower Screen
  • Mirror
  • Bed Frame
  • Side Table
  • Closet
  • Kitchen Cabinet1
  • Refrigerator1
  • Stove1
  • Oven1
  • Microwave1
  • Toaster1
  • Electrical Appliances1


  • Waste Bin

Vacuum & Mop

  • Floor

Wash & Sanitise

  • Washbasin
  • Sanitary Bowl


  • Air particles2


  • Air

The spring clean



Landed Property

Illustration of an exclusive tailoring service

The exclusive

Something extra. Something exclusive.

For times when you wish for a little something more to enjoy in the luxurious convenience of your home.

Whether it’s interior styling, a haircut, makeup, massage, child minding or even a home party that needs to be planned, trust us to have the experts readily on hand to help. If there’s anything you require that is unlisted here, please feel free to drop us an enquiry.

Haute housekeeping

Proficient, meticulous, discreet, trés chic!

Our mission

We aim to be a non-conventional and sustainable home-grown business that provides new age customers with a premium lifestyle experience. It’s what we define as haute housekeeping par excellence – a definite first in Singapore.

Illustration of a gouvernante cleaning the living room table

Our vision

Our gouvernantes are expertly and systematically trained to deliver a sublime level of service perfection. With this, we hope to create dignified job opportunities for Singaporeans and in turn elevate the industry’s level of professionalism.

Team extraordinaire

People behind the scenes

Divided by skill sets yet united in The Gouvernante’s mantra of quality living, meet the members of our house who think nothing of driving change and action for their cause.

J. Sheena


The acclaimed Gouvernante Trainer, Sheena has a wealth of experience supervising and training staff for five-star hotels and condominium management. Off duty, she enjoys a good laugh, taking walks and whipping up delicious meals for her family.


Profile photo of Ronn Ruan

Ronn Ruan

A design veteran in Singapore for over 15 years, Ronn appreciates beauty and quality time for her family and herself. As a working mother, she knows first-hand the exasperation of feeling constantly worn out without good help on hand. Her determination to change this drove her to rethink what a home needs – including giving mothers more time to do what they enjoy most.

Profile photo of Ruan Qianfang

Ruan Qianfang

She’s a trained Mother Tongue teacher who has taught for over 20 years, branching recently into designing creative teaching materials and curriculum. Qianfang strongly believes that for our future generation to excel, parents should have more free time to help their children build up their bilingual capabilities.

Profile photo of Neo Chen Nee

Neo Chen Nee

Gifted with people skills, Chen Nee loves meeting, working and helping different individuals. This explains her career in marketing and events management in the arts, design and education industries. An active volunteer who has a heart for the community, she hopes to be a social change agent one day.

Profile photo of Dr Craig Boote

Dr Craig Boote

The Gouvernante’s resident academic is a Biophysics lecturer and vision researcher specialising in the areas of Cornea, Glaucoma and Myopia. Dedicated to discover and impart knowledge, his love for sports has instilled in him both discipline and self-reliance balanced by the values of teamwork.

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